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Zen Mechanics Discography

Zen Mechanics - Holy Cities (Neurobiotic)
Zen Mechanics remixed - Re:modified (Neurobiotic)

Have a good one (Beats & Pieces)
Thriving on Trancefloors (Dance'n'Dust)
Chasing Spacecrafts (Sphere)
Orbital Candy (Ajuca)
Making Circles (Mindfunk)
Evolver (Proton)
A new philosophy (Aleph Zero)
Dolly Dots (Sonic Dragon)
Ground Control (Iboga)
Environmental Porn (Iboga)
New Propulsion Technology (Neurobiotic)
Voodoo Bytes (Neurobiotic)
Tree-D (Iono)
Disco Pixies (Nano)
Psychotropical Nights (Vagalume)
Shinkansen (Crystal Matrix)
Hallucination Generation (Neurobiotic)

Ultrasonic (vs M-Theory) (Alchemy)
The Bathroom Incident (vs Dickster) (Free Spirit)
Desert Session (vs Perfect Stranger) (Iboga)
Naked, Stoned & Exalted (vs Avalon) (Sourcecode)
Digital Beings (vs Ace Ventura) (Iboga)
Flux (vs Flegma & Nerso) (Tesseract)
Air knob (vs Sonic Species) (Wayko)
Spice Travel (vs Sonic Species) (Alchemy)
Outwards (vs Motion Drive) (Furthur)
The Realm (vs Polaris) (Neurobiotic)
Imprint (vs Ritmo) (Iono)
Dragonfruit (vs Egorythmia) (Iboga)

Electrified (vs Tactical Strike) (Crystal Matrix)
CBR (vs Headroom) (Neurobiotic)
Immerse (vs Allaby) (Neurobiotic)

BLT - Anything you want ZM remix (ODD)
Allaby - The Glade ZM remix (Nano)
Ace Ventura & Captain Hook - The Jolly Roger ZM remix (Plusquam)
Ace Ventura & Lish - The Light ZM remix (Iboga)
Ace Ventura - Cardiac Arrest ZM remix (Iboga)
Behind Blue Eyes - Rumble in the Jungle ZM remix (Iboga)
Loud - Enlightenment ZM remix (Nano)
S-Range - Boom ZM remix (Parabola)
Sonic Species - Drums at Dawn ZM remix (Neurobiotic)